Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQs below, we hope we answered some of your questions.  If you cannot find your question you may email us of call us from the Contact Us page on this website.
  1. Will the piercing hurt?
    Yes, but for less than 30 seconds and significantly less than most people anticipate. Anticipation is the most painful part part of any piercing. We are not going to lie. Every piercing hurts but we can tell you every piercing is tolerable. You will not be the first person to get pierced and the pain will be so terrible that you would become the last person to get pierced.
  2. Is it safe to pierce with a Piercing "Gun"?
    Absolutely NOT!!!! A professional piercer would never use an ear-piercing gun, even on an earlobe. There are many reasons for this, primarily because piercing guns cannot be adequately sterilized between uses. Secondly, the jewelry design is inappropriate, even for lobes, as the post is too short and blunt to allow for swelling and proper cleaning.
  3. Can you numb the area before piercing?
    No. Licensed medical professionals can legally administer intravenous anesthetics. Besides, the piercing itself would be less painful and 3 times faster if done by a professional. No, grandmas "Ice" Technique will worsen the process because Ice hardens the area to be piercing due to the fast temperature change on the surface of the dermis.
  4. How can I find a good piercing studio?
    You should look for a clean environment with highly trained technicians who can answer your questions. Ask if they have a hand washing sink and ask see their autoclave monthly passed spore test. This will help you ease your mind knowing that their tools are sterile. You may also ask to see that your are being pierced with a full sterile and disposable set up.
  5. Can I take pictures/videos of myself or my friend getting a piercing?
    We do not allow friends and/or family in our piercing room during the procedure, unless the person being pierced is a minor and/or they have a translator. You will have a chance to take pictures after the piercing has been done. You may ask the technicians if you have a special situation and we will try to accomodate you. And taking pictures yourself while receiving a piercing can get complicated for the technician therefore prolonging the procedure.
  6. Can I hold my friends/relatives hand while getting pierced?
    NO. I apologize in advance but we have witnessed accidents that could have been prevented by simple asking our customers to hold a stress ball if necessary. Please ask your technician for a stress ball if necessary. We do allow parents to hold their children hand if necessary.
  7. What should I use to clean my new piercing ?
    You may use sterile saline solution sold at our locations. You can also use organic salt mixed with drops of sea salt. You may use generic wound wash if you happen to have it at home and some people often use contact saline solution. But we recommend Sterile Saline Solution. And remember to wash your hands thoroughly with anti bacterial soap (no soap bars).
  8. Can I use Alcohol and/or hydrogen peroxide to clean my new piercing?
    NOO. Alcohol is never recommended because it actually burns the flesh and it may irritate the area of your new piercing. Alcohol and hydrogen peroxide may affect new regenerating cells and cause scarring.
  1. Sea salt soaks or sea salt sprays?
    They both work great. The soaks are recommended at home where you would have more access to a sterile/clean environment. The spray solution is a convenient method for those who are in college, work, or are traveling and need something easy to travel. Warm soaks helps with the drainage trapped inside and around the piercing, and it also increasing the blood circulation to the affected area.
  2. How can I know if my piercing is Infected?
    All piercings go through a rough healing time and we can not guarantee your piercing will never get infected . It is normal for your piercing to turn red, feel tender to touch, and it may also have some drainage. It can also have small bumps that are caused of drainage trapped under healing skin. We cannot diagnose an infection but if you have any questions you may call us or email us. Please see your physician if you think you have an infection.
  3. Should I rotate my jewelry when cleaning?
    It is best to leave it alone as you may cause more damage to your regenerating cells. If you have to move it to remove excess dried up drainage make sure you do it careful. try to remove all exterior excess build up before trying to move it as it would easily tear new tissue.
  4. How long does it take to heal?
    Everyone heals different and it also depends on how well you take care of it. Every piercing has its own coarse of healing and you should not rush it at all. But an average time for any piercing to heal fully should be 4 months to 9 months. It is said vitamin c acts as an antioxidant protecting cells from damage and studies have shown that the vitamin can help speed the healing. Again we are not physicians. You may also do you own research.
  5. Can I go swimming after my piercing?
    It is not recommended to go swimming right away after your new piercing. Pool water may be contaminated therefore you can can contract a bacterial infection. Lake and rivers are also a good idea to stay away from until the piercing has healed. There has been reports that state the beach/ocean is actually not bad to your new piercing due to the organic salt content in the water, but again you may consult with your own physician and ask them.
  6. Can I bring my own jewelry for my new piercing?
    No. We have to pierce you with our jewelry because it has already sterilized in individual packages. Most piercings come with the standard jewelry required, sometime we do have upgrades if you find something in our store you like. Remember a Correct initial piercing may not be as pretty as you expected. Once its healed then you can put any jewelry you want as long as its safe to your skin. We use safe initial jewelry such as implant grade SSS 316L and titanium.
  7. How old do I have to be to receive a piercing?
    State Law indicates 18 with a valid ID or parental consent if under 18. It shall be unlawful for any person to pierce any part of the body other than ears of another person under the age of 18 for the purpose of allowing the insertion of earrings, jewelry, or similar objects into the body, unless the prior consent of a custodial parent or guardian is obtained. Anyone violating the provisions of this section is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor. N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-400 Sec. B
  8. What can I do to prepare for my piercing?
    You must not skip breakfast as this can make you light headed easily. Please refrain from drinking alcohol before your piercing as we are almost sure that alcohol will only make your experience worst. Please make sure you have your ID with you at all times during your visit as we may ask more than once for your Identification.
  9. Can I get a piercing in the same place as an older healed piercing?
    Ask your piercer technician to take a look at the scar tissue if any but usually this tends not to be a problem. If there is severe scarring we can adequately place it close to it or find a newer location of your liking.
  10. Do I need an appointment to get pierced?
    You may not need an appointment. Anyhow it is recommended, if you have an appointment for a piercing, the front counter person will be expecting you and you will most likely have no extra wait time of that of the normal wait. If we happen to have a full lobby and you have an appointment you will put in front of any walk-in customer.
  11. Can you pierce my infants ears?
    American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says there's little risk at any age if the piercing is performed carefully and cared for properly. But the AAP recommends waiting until a child is old enough to take care of its own piercing. We will pierce babies of 8 months and older with all their sets of shots up to date according to their age. Parental care is highly recommended.
  12. Can I change my jewelry myself?
    Yes you can, but you might find it a little hard because most likely the jewelry may be a little tight. You will have to turn to the left and hold tight on one side or it will just slide around your fingers and may irritate your ear. Also if you have a piercing on your ear please do not try to loosen your jewelry with your ear positioning upwards, this may cause jewelry or parts to fall in your ear.
  13. Can I get more than one piercing done at once?
    Yes. You can get as many piercings as you want as long as your piercer technicians deems it safe. Please ask you piercer if its a good idea and if you have the correct space.
  14. How much does a piercing cost?
    Piercing prices varies depending on piercing and location. You may also need to take into consideration of having extra money for your aftercare products which you may buy them at our stores or sometimes you can find them at your local pharmacy,
  15. Can I get pierced while pregnant or breastfeeding?
    We do not recommend it. There are many different answers to this question and it is advisable to contact your personal physician.
  16. Can I take pain medication before my piercing?
    Most pain medications may thin your blood, and make you bleed more than normal. It is not recommended to be on any substance before receiving your piercing, your technician may deny service if signs of substance is present.
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